Evaluation of Spot Color Reproduction by Extended Gamut Printing on a Narrow Web Flexography Press

  • Akshay Vijay Joshi
  • Prajakta Shetye
  • Prathamesh Kolte


The FMCG sector (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is one of the largest industries in the world wherein the brands are reliant on the customer attraction and product sales worldwide. It is important for brands to maintain the quality and color consistency of these products. FMCG labels printed with Spot colors by Flexography process is not cost-effective due to higher job changeover times and wastage. The most effective way of ensuring spot color reproduction is implementing Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) printing by using a fixed set of colors with four process colors namely Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK) along with three colors Orange, Green and Violet (OGV). These seven colors provide eye-catching graphics and a larger gamut so as to reproduce maximum number of Pantone® colors. The evaluation of spot color reproduction was carried on a Nilpeter FB-430 Narrow Web Flexo press that included runs viz. Initial, Optimization, Fingerprinting, Characterization and Validation on Polypropylene substrate with UV based inks. The runs were carried as per Idealliance® specifications. The aims and tolerance as per ISO 12647-2 with CRPC 6 GRACoL 2013 for CMYK while ISO 20654 Spot Color Tonal Value (SCTV), Chroma and Hue for OGV were achieved. The customized Characterization Test Chart with 2016 patches for CMYKOGV for profile generation and Verification Test Chart with 799 patches of Pantone® Solid Coated from the Digital Library was created in CGS Oris XGamut. These Test Charts were measured using X-Rite EyeOne iO automated device. The magnitude of color match for Spot Colors by expanded gamut printing was verified on a narrow web flexography press. The gamut analysis between CRPC 6 and CMYKOGV showed that from the geometric region of Pantone® Colors Inside CMYKOGV Gamut and Outside CRPC6 Gamut, 85% of the Pantone colors were reproduced below Delta E 2.5.


May 13, 2021
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JOSHI, Akshay Vijay; SHETYE, Prajakta; KOLTE, Prathamesh. Evaluation of Spot Color Reproduction by Extended Gamut Printing on a Narrow Web Flexography Press. Acta Graphica, [S.l.], v. 30, n. 2, p. 29 - 40, may 2021. ISSN 1848-3828. Available at: <https://actagraphica.hr/index.php/actagraphica/article/view/211>. Date accessed: 03 mar. 2024. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.25027/agj2017.28.v30i2.211.
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